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    Can a prop have too much torque??

    I'm looking at picking up a new prop for the spring. I have a stock prop in my GTXSC 185 but enjoy wake boarding/skating with it. I find it has a bit of problems starting riders on a skate but that's probably due to lack of maintenance. I'm planning on getting a new prop and SSwear ring since those seem to be the bees knees. I have a small problem though.

    Do I get a stock pitched prop? 12/20 I think
    Or go for the Wake edition pitched prop? 11/19
    Or go for the mad? Torque prop? 10/18

    Top speed is no problem since we have a second GTX to zoom around on. I want this one to be a wake skate monster! Thanks for any help!

    And is an impeller that hard to change out?? I've got too many tools, a press, and mechanical ability.

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    i would say stay stock pitch that way you dont loose speed that boat should have no problem pulling a 200+ pound person on a board or skate your biggest issue is prob the wear ring. reason i say stay with stock pitch is if you depitch it like say with the 11/19 or 10/18 your hole shot would be a little better but it would just be banging on the rev limit the whole time just my 2 cent

    If ya change prop or wear ring you will need 12mm allen socket beaker bar and spline tool and a vise.

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    I put a 12/20 on my stock GTX 185 last summer-- it would turn it about 7200 rpm. I would try the 11/19 and add a little pitch to the trailing edge if needed.

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    I think it's a combination of wear ring and prop condition. But I weigh 225 and have to ride hard on a wakeskate for it to get me on plane. So that's where I thought at least the 11 prop would work.

    So I can't really go wrong with either? And I'm getting the SS ring for sure!!

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    you might see if there is a Skat Trak impeller available for your ski - Skat impellers are always better at holeshot than the OEM impellers - the blade design is different and they simply hook-up better

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    I'm looking at Solas impellers for this. Are they as good as skat trak?

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