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    My New Ski is in!!

    I'm so excited! It's been a long 10-yr absence from the sport and my 2011 RXT-is 260 is IN!! I used to have a 1996 XP (wish I would have bought it off of my parents). Due to my work schedule I will have to wait until Feb 12 to pick it up.

    Looking forward to the forum. I've been 'creeping' on here for some time and I appreciate the energy!

    Can't wait!!!

    Take care!

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    Congrats on the new ski. I have a RXPX and totally love it.

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    Man congrats on the new ski,im gonna buy a new T-X myself,make sure you check the pump bolts after you get it to make sure Seadoo corrected the problem on the production line. After all the warrrany claims that was issued on the 2010's .
    Post some pics when you get a chance,did you get to see them uncrate it outta the box?

    If you dont mind me asking how much did you give for it before tax's?

    Does anyone have a list of all the changes made on the 2011's?

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