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    The Future of Gasoline

    I read in the paper this AM that the EPA has approved for up to 15% ethanol in gasoline. I'm guessing it won't take too long for that change to be made at the pumps. Any thoughts on how or if this will effect our 4 strokes...?

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    Very little good will come from using 15% ethanol in any PWC engines, and ethanol is not good at all for many, many non-automotive engines.

    The auto manufacturers don't seem to like it very much.

    ...Motorcycles, heavy-duty vehicles and non-road engines aren’t allowed to use E-15.

    The EPA’s decision was “a rush to judgment,” putting consumers at risk for vehicle performance problems, the American Petroleum Institute said in a statement.

    “We urge President Obama to reverse EPA’s decision,”...

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    Unfortunately, the EPA enters its fifth decade on a regulatory rampage that will crush economic growth, make us poorer, and slow down the true driver of environmental improvement. The regulatory rampage includes:

    • Greenhouse gas regulations that amount to cap-and-trade via the backdoor, causing the price of energy to skyrocket and creating a bureaucratic nightmare that will redesign most industrial machinery in the United States. These rules are potentially so pervasive that it’s hard to estimate the costs, but they likely run into the trillions.

    • An extreme tightening of ground-level ozone rules that have been estimated by the Manufacturers Alliance to knock a jaw-dropping 5.4 percent off of GDP by 2020, destroying 7.3 million jobs. Because these regulations fall heavily on refiners, they will bring a big jump in prices for gasoline and home heating fuel.

    • So-called Maximum Achievable Control Technology rule for industrial boilers that are estimated to cost between $10 and $20 billion and destroy as many as 800,000 jobs. These rules would fall hardest on coal-fired power plants, which will have a big impact on electricity prices.

    • An absurd 62-miles-per-gallon fuel economy standard by 2025 that will take safe family vehicles off the road and force us all to buy the tiny, underpowered, politically correct cars favored by bureaucrats.

    Read more:
    EPA at 40 -- An Agency Out of Control
    Read more:

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