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    2003 Polaris MSX 140 Over-heating

    I have a 2003 Polaris MSX 140 that has made me extremely frustrated. When we take it out it starts right up. Once you start giving it gas for a little while the check engine light starts flashing, the thermostat icon starts flashing, and the jet ski goes into slow mode. After about a minute or two it all goes away and the jet ski can take off again. Then a few minutes later it happens all over again. We have brought it to three shops and no one can figure it how to fix it. Please help!!!

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    You need to figure out if it really is overheating, or if something else is going on.

    What repairs or checks did the three repair shops actually do?

    Has this MSX 140 ever worked properly for you?

    How long have you owned it?

    The 2003 MSX 140 was the very fist model year for the MSX 140, and Polaris issued several important service updates for it. Do you know if these were done for your unit? There should be several stickers on the side of the flame arrestor cover indicating which updates have been performed.

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    make sure the passage through your computer is clear they like to clog up and over heat the computer

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    My 2003 MSX 140 does the exact same thing. It only has 36hrs on it and it is very frustrating. I have replaced the thermostat/pop off valve, and the TPS. The water passage through the computer is clear, I checked that. I had mine out on flat calm water for a few hrs and it ran great 62mph 6700 RPM 84degrees outside. The following week I had it out on Lake Erie and the same problem came back! I just listed it for sale in the classifieds. I do not have the time to trouble shoot it, although I'm interested to find out what is wrong

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    Check the engine temperature sensor it goes in the exhaust manifold and should read around 1k ohms. Also check the connection and lines of the sensor as well.

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    I will check the engine temp sensor this week, thanks for the advice! If it is bad, where can I find a new one?

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    Did you ever figure out this issue? I am having the same issue. Wondering if it could be the manifold thermostat? Only issue is I do not see a thermostat icon flashing? Thanks

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    I bought the ski from Gomez a few years ago. The problem was a broken wire on the temp sensor on the exhaust manifold. There was a recall/service bulletin for that issue. There is a bumper that gets added to keep the plastic exhaust tube from pinching that wire

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