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    2010 GTX 155 vs 2010 GTX iS 215


    I was hoping someone could assist me. I am looking at purchasing a new PWC and have narrowed it down to two I like the 2010 GTX 155 and the 2010 GTX iS215.

    I am after a PWC that can do multi day trips on a river, has good fuel economy when cruising, can tow someone, handle some chop on small lakes, comofortable for 3 people, comfortable for long periods with one rider, plenty of power for fun and has good resale down the track.

    Do you think the GTX 155 would suit me or would I be better off paying the extra money and going for the iS 215. My concern with the iS215 is the supercharger and the increased fuel consumption and also potential problems with the supercharger. If I was cruising at around 40mph would there be much difference in the fuel consumption between the 155 and the 215?

    I would like to have ridden a demo of both, but my local dealers do not have one available.


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    The 155hp is a beast, but it isn't the MONSTER of the 215... you will get a long, long time of ownership with the 155. The 215 is basically the same, but with the charger, you'll have to rebuild the supercharger every 100 hours... I've ridden both, either is an excellent ski... Both will pull, but it's like comparing a v-4 to a v-6... And if the mod bug bites you to go faster, the 155 runs out of options really fast. I guess it comes down to the price, the resale on the 215 would be much better...

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    after i upgraded my 215 to an X-charger, i did a day trip that was about an hour and a half up to a park, with some idle zones and a bunch of WOT runs, but when i'd go WOT, i'd have to double back to meet up with my buddy's boat. it burned a full tank of fuel in about 4 hours total of riding. i know with the stock 215 charger doesn't burn as much fuel as the X-charger, so i don't think a 215 should have much trouble cruising like you plan. the power increase to the X-charger was very noticeable, and going from 155 to 215 is about double the power difference that i experienced, so i'd definitely go for the 215.

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    If you want the least amount of problems, great gas mileage and excellent longevity go with the 155. While I don't know what fuel sells for in the Land Down Under, here in the US it is forecast to be in the $4.00 a gallon range come summer. Sure the 215 is quicker, but then there are a dozen other models that are faster than the 215. You will not be near the top of the feeding chain so why even bother? There are a lot more family types purchasing PWC than there are speed demons, so the 155 will depreciate less and should bring in a better return when you sell it.

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    thanks very much for the replies so far it is appreciated.

    Yes, fuel in Australia is pretty expensive compared to the US. Currently we are paying about $1.30 per litre for regular unleaded (91 ron) which would be about the equivlant of $4.90 AUD per gallon. So yes that is a concern.

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    G'day, I'm from West Aust, just got a 2010 Gti 130 2 days ago. Coming from a 95 Polaris SLT 750 even the 130 is brilliant in every way!!! You will not be disappointed with the 155 whatsoever as obviously this is the next step up from the 130 and can only be better yet again. The 130 has plenty of power for towing a wakeboarder etc.

    We had the option of getting the GTX 155 but would of had to wait 6 to 8 weeks and were too impatient. I dont regret it though as we are havin an absolute ball with what we have... Managed to throw me sister off the back with a sharp turn with only 3 hours on the clock! I would buy another tomorrow if I could!!

    I am no expert but a keen enthusiast on a budget.

    Coming from racing motocross I wish I swapped earlier, these things are so much fun and there are more places to use them compared to the dirt.

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