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    97 1100 STX update. Ran it in the bay, did great

    As posted in a previous thread it ran ok on the hose but the head got hot (to hot to touch), figured it was an air lock issue with the hose feeding to the top preventing flow thru the head. Backed it in and ran it at the launch with the seat off and watched the head temps with a non-contact thermometer. Had about 90 F on the front and low to mid 80's on the center and back (? not sure why the diff). Once convinced the temp was OK I ran it around, did fine, stumbled a little on take offs at first but that seemed to go away. It showed to run 55 on the spedometer (not sure that is acurate) and idled good, turned it off and restarted it several times and no problems. The hole shot seemed good but Jet Skis are new to me so that I might not really know. Compression after all that is right at 85 on all 3 cyl. (I will try a different gauge next time I run it to see if this is accurate). Dont know where all you folks are but I am in Texas. I wiped the frost off the seat to ride it so I only rode it around for about 30 minutes or so. I was bundled up good and warm but had other things to do.

    My plan is to run it like this till I can do the top end. From the little I rode it I like how it ran and performed. I am not a speed guy just looking for a reliable ski for guests to ride at my place. Now I have two but both seem to need top ends, maybe next year. Thanks for all the replies. Kevin

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    Where about in Texas are you? I am in the DFW area and man it is cold! I am starting to get mine ready now like I always do. I won't get them wet though until late March at the earliest and even then the water is chilly! LoL

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    When riding in cold weather, make sure you warm up the engine at low power before running it hard. If you don't, the pistons can expand faster than the cylinders and you'll end up with a 'cold seizure'.

    I'm in Midland. It was 60°+ today, but tonight will be about 20°. I hate cold weather.

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