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    Ethanol fuel treatment

    After reading an article in the local newspaper that the ethanol content in the unleaded gas we are buying will be increased in the near future i think it would be a great money saving investment for everyone to add "stabil ethanol treatment each time we fill up. From what i have found out is when we dont use our ski weekly the ethanol is breaking down our rubber fuel lines and our plastic fuel tanks. These particles are too fine for the filters to catch everything so it ends up in the carbs and injectors and the rest is history.

    I bought mine at walmart and use it in everything except my autos.

    Just throwing this out there.

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    I see amsol makes some got award for it. The big stabol size get 4 times for twice the price of smaller

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    Much worse then that. A independant local test done in Orlando showed anywhere between 15 to 22% Eth. And I'm not talking high quality E85.

    If you have a performance ski you need to find an eth free gas station or change over to 100/100LL

    The Eth is much different and will cause a reasonable lean condition easily smoking your motor if your even close to the edge. Hoses are your least concern because mast are rated for E85 that I've come across.

    BP 93 tested the best here.

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