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    The 2011 Triple Crown of Offshore (TCO) Jet Ski / PWC Racing dates!

    The 2011 Triple Crown of Offshore (TCO) Jet Ski / PWC Racing dates!
    RPM Racing Enterprises is the promoter, contacct is: Ross Wallach [email protected]
    March 27, 2011The Dana Point, Ca to Avalon Offshore Race: From Dana Point to a turn-boat outside of Avalon. The race will be a 58 mile roundtrip race vs. a one-way race. Navigation will be critical! Come watch the finish at Dana Point! Updated information will be posted here:
    May 22, 2011 or November – Date TBD based on racer feedback – do you want the Dana Point, Ca to Oceanside and Back Race in the third weekend in May or November of 2011? Feedback Appreciated. Right now we are leaning toward May 22 based on existing racer feedback. Updated information will be posted here:
    July 17, 2011 - The historic Long Beach, Ca to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship Race aka “The LB2CAT”. Updated information will be posted here: and here
    Classes: Pro Open, Veteran Master, Manufacturer Stock, Super-Stock Limited, Sportsman and Amateur Open (Amateur Open will require a sufficient amount of participants to allow for the class). ** The Sportsman Class is for a new offshore racer and has a discounted race fee of 100.00 for the Sportsman Class - it is for an offshore racer's first offshore race only (not the season). There is no TCO award for the Sportsman Class.
    About The Triple Crown of Offshore:
    Much more information coming - looking forward to a great offshore racing season!

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    2011 Dana Point to Avalon and Back Offshore (TCO) Race ENTRY FORM is posted here

    **From RPM Racing: Credit Cards will not be charged until race weekend. In the event a racer cancels or doesn't race, no credit card will be charged.
    **RPM Racing has provided an incentive to get the entry forms in early: $175 is the price for Pre-registration (before March 3, 2011) after March 3 the additional 25.00 will be billed (Total 200.00).
    **Sportsman Class remains 100.00
    **Manufacture Stock Class now allows after market bilge pumps

    (working on an approx 56 mile round trip course... stay tuned for developments)

    2011 TCO Classes:

    Pro Open Class: Professional Level. Modifications authorized. This is the "Open" class. Please note that Open is Open, all APBA modifications are allowed. Must carry a "PRO" card.

    Veteran Master Class: Racers that are 35 and older are allowed to race in this Class. Modifications are authorized in this class. These racers can’t hold a "PRO" card.

    Manufacturers Stock Class: No modifications are authorized in this class but an after market bilge pump for safety. After market bilge pump ONLY.

    Super Stock Limited: Hull modifications are allowed i.e. lifter wedges, handlebars, seat covers, etc. You are not authorized to do anything to the Power train. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO THE POWERTRAIN.

    Amateur Open Class: Modifications to the Power train is authorized in this class

    Sportsman Class: This class is reserved for first time Offshore racers only at a reduced rate of 100.00. The reduced rate applies to the first and only first offshore TCO race. The second offshore race raced by this racer will be in a standard class chosen by the racer at a standard rate. Your second race will be in another class, NOT SPORTSMAN... There are no TCO titles for the Sportsman Class. If you have ever raced one of the TCO races in the past, you will not be authorized to race in this class. This is for brand new offshore racers only.

    See you there!
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    Everyone have some safe and fun racing.

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    Offshore Racers & Friends,

    The 2011 Triple Crown of Offshore (TCO) Points system has been revamped as RPM Racing Enterprises continually strives for parity. New for this year is weighted rounds, ie: Rounds 1 & 2 have the same points while Round #3, in that it is The Long Beach to Catalina & Back APBA Offshore National Championship Race - is worth 1 1/2 times more than each previous round. Also new for 2011 is the additional "bonus points" worth 50 additional points for those that compete and complete all three rounds of the Triple Crown. Last, the TCO points will award "minimal" points for each round for racers that take the start, go a minimum of 100 feet and break. Failure to complete the race will still give "minimal points" for that race however failure to complete a round will not award the 50 "bonus points" at the end of the series. The intent here is a points system that will give every advantage to the racer that participates in all rounds as he or she pursues the overall TCO title and class title.

    A little more detail: 1) This year a Racer can earn an additional 50 Bonus Points for finishing all 3 TCO races. Benefit: This emphasizes the importance of attending all 3 races. 2) The last race of the series is worth more points than race #1 and race #2. Benefit: This highlights LB2CAT as a National Championship event and gives Racers a chance to move up in the overall TCO standings with a solid performance at this event. 3) In the event of a DNF, "some" points will still be awarded to a Racer (you must go at least 100 feet from the start line). Benefit: Even if a Racer has a DNF, points awarded can still be earned towards the overall TCO standings at the end of the TCO Series.

    Thank you to those of you that submitted your input and feedback, all of it was reviewed. And thank you for your support, we'll see you on March 27 at the newly revamped Dana Point to Avalon & Back Round #1 of the Triple Crown of Offshore Racing!!!

    RPM Racing Enterprises is the Promoter of the 2011 TCO. Questions? Email Ross at [email protected]

    TCO Offshore Race Dates:
    Dana Point to Avalon and Back - March 27, 2011 (Approx 56 miles round trip)
    Dana Point to Oceanside and Back - May 22, 2011
    Long Beach to Catalina and Back - July 17, 2011

    Updated information about the races, points document & classes are posted here: (each race has a dedicated page on pwcoffshore)

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    Next race up - Dana Point to Oceanside and back - May 22, 2011 - 55 miles round trip.

    Be there!

    (Congratulations Craig Warner of Monster Kawasaki for winning round one of the TCO - the Dana Point to Avalon and Back)

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