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    how do i remove metal wear ring

    as title says how do i remove metal wear ring with out damaging it is brand new>

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    Dry ice

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    Try sticking the whole pump shoe in the Freezer. If it wont budge I would try freezing it then heating the shoe slightly with a propane torch. Work very quickly, hopefully the ring will stay cold enough (contracted) while you heat the shoe a little which will expand it, and hopefully allow the two to seperate.

    Or if its new, leave it in!!!!

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    Put it in the OVEN!!! Heat to about 120 deg, take out and put the spline on a bit of wood and give the housing a knock with a hammer!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GPRXP4ME View Post
    as title says how do i remove metal wear ring with out damaging it is brand new>
    This thread will help you

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    never though this task would be so easy. had the pump in the freezer (few hours) under heat gun for about 10 min. ( tilll outside is warm to the touch, not hot, and inside ring is stil cool).

    2ft section of 3 inch sch 40 pvc pipe.. held the pvc pipe and pump together... 2 hard taps on the ground with the pvc pipe and out she popped like a dream!

    once the pump was frozen this process took 11 min.. 10 to heat 1 to remove wear ring, simple and successful! and im no pro!

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