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    Jetting xlt vx gpr

    I am rebuilding a set of carbs for a 1999 xlt. it is not the original motor. The engine has had the cat removed. I found a thread from bill that listed this as the formula for the xlt but I think that is different from what I used for my Gpr 1200
    110 Pilots
    125 Mains
    1.5 Needle and seat
    95 Gram Spring (dull silver)

    This will give you low to mid 40's pop off. You also want to disable or remove the accelerator pump. set the low speed screw at 1 turn out and high speed at 1-1/2 out. if you are running stock air cleaner run a 115 pilot jet.

    I am going to run a stock air box.

  2. #2 never mind bill answered the questions here. thanks again. forgot to search how too stuff.

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