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    2010 and up VX Cold Air Intake (DIY)

    Well it seems like no one makes a performace air filter set-up for the 2010 and up VX, So I made one myself. I'm sure this will work for other models such as VXR.

    what is needed:
    1- DIY catch can from the SEA DOO forum.................Approx $20.00
    2- Aluminum 90 degree 2' long 3" in diam. pipe........$18.99 3- 3" to 2.75" silicone reducer........$11.99
    4- 3" inlet air filter with carbon fiber splash shield........14.99
    5-3" stainless steel T-bolt clamp.......$2.60
    6- 2.75" stainless steel T-bolt clamp.....$2.60

    Items 2 through 6 were all purchased at
    Total cost under $80.00

    Step 1- Remove rubber hose from throttle body and remove the factory airbox assy.(hint remove panel from front storage and one bilge vent hose and it will come out the front easy)

    Step2-Remove 5.5 inches friom one end of the 3inch alum. 90degree pipe

    Step3-Remove 3.25 inches from the other end of the 3inch alum. 90degree pipe

    step4-deburr the ends of the cut pipe with sand paper or a file(I used a sawzall to cut the pipe)

    step5-install airfilter to the alum. pipe on the end that had 5.5 inches removed and tighten the provided clamp.

    step6-install 3" to 2.75" silicone reducer to the end that had 3.25 inches cut off and clamp with 3" T-bolt clamp

    Step7-slide lose 2.75" clamp over the silicone reducer, then slide reducer over throttle body till it rest at the hose stop, Tighten 2.75" T-bolt clamp
    Click image for larger version. 

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    looks nice and to do in about an hour
    Coming next....catch can mount, through hull exhaust, water box mods

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    Nice work! It's nice to see something for us VX people.

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    finally some body is modding there vx.. i was gonna buy the riva performance filter but hold off.. i was asking them about puting a VXR pro series waterbox they had on display in havasu and puting a thru exhaust.. but no luck.. they said first of the waterbox cant fit, an also the piping cant reach.. .. looks like we have to make our own stuff.. i think probably making jus a thru hull exhaust would be great for your first mod on exhausts

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    I am in the middle of a freeflow thru-hull exhaust and water box mod, alot of fun makeing this stuff.......Should have my DIY catch can stuff posted today.......It is alot cheaper just to DIY

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    Hey there, Very impressive work everything looks great have you had a chance to get out on your ski since you did the mods ?? if so has it made much of a difference to the performance and speed etc ? Have to say you inspired me so much so that I did very similar mods to my 06 VX Sport, finished it yesterday I posted pics, haven't had a chance to test them yet wont for a week or so, I'm very
    curious and a little apprehensive to see how things turn out on a water test ! I also did a DIY Free Flow Exhaust, can be seen in pics also. I'm attempting to make my own Catch Can too Im just gathering the parts that I need. I have all the OEM parts put to one side just in case, hopefully I wont lol .........

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