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    Pisser install

    ok i looked and read so much on how to do this but im a visual person and need some pics it would really help. What im tryn to do is a single pisser on a 97 sl 780 i really dont want to add the three pissers one from each cyl just a single shooting out the back so i know i got flow. i no longer have gauges so just want to know im flowing. just not sure where to connect in at.

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    Just run a hose from the cooling bar to your fitting over board.

    Make sure you plug the old fitting at the stock exit location.

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    ok so i can use the hose coming off the back of the bar. will it spray right away or does it have to open a thermostat befor spray

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdogg View Post
    ... the hose coming off the back of the bar.

    will it spray right away or does it have to open a thermostat before spray?
    If the thermostat is closed and the engine RPM is low, then you will have minimal water flow.

    As soon as the engine warms up OR the RPM rises (even with a cool engine) the water flow will increase.

    That is how you want it to work

    Let the thermostat control the engine temp at low RPM. It will flow more water when the engine is warm enough (circa 143F ).

    At higher RPM the pressure bypass valve (plunger) will automatically open up and provide more water flow, regardless of the thermostat temp.

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