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    Cdi faults help?

    Ive got an old but seems to be in really good nic wr500g. was running mint and then no spark......

    We've diagnosed it to the CDI unit. I only paid $400 for the ski so am not wanting to invest loads of $$ into it. I am wandering if anyone knows of a replacement part for these? Is there a similar part used on motorbikes or something that we could use to avoid buying a new CDI unit. cheers

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    just to be shur its not the switch un hook the black and white wires at there plug in from the handlebar stop/start switch and leave the brown/red wires pluged up and check for spark. The stop button/ lanyard switch fails quite often.

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    i have good, used CDI's here for 50.00 + s&h, if you determine you need one for sure.

    emails, or calls to the shop are best.

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    John is a very stand up guy...sells good parts...I recommend him if you need one.

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    those 500 cdi's are pretty bullit proof... I'd look into that start stop switch as being the fault... i've replaced a few on my own wr's ..good news is they are nearly the same units used on alot of different years... the big square housing is the early style unit , that was fazed out in favor of the clam shell type ,used on all later wr's and used on almost all of the late 80's and practicaly all 90's yami's.. to make them work for you, swap connecters ends (oval or square) can change out the ends by releasing each individual wire from the connector..(keep track of their placement on each)

    to get a working cdi at that price is a really good deal !! its nice to always have spare's..

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