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    alternator - charging rxp 2007

    got a query regarding 2007 rxp 215

    just replaced battery , after first ride ski started beeping every couple of minutes , no error codes, no performance issues... beep was occurring every 2 minutes for 1/2 a second rather than its usual long beep, it happens at all differnt rpms , no light come on dash

    i ve taken it out twice since, and this problem only occurs after riding ski for approx 1 hour or longer. same thing

    it appears though that the battery is low on volts , as when i return to clean ski and start low voltage light comes on

    i then charge battery again over night , and same prob occurs

    any ideas, is it a bad battery or do these things have some sort of alternator



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    and how do i test for fault??

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    Check your battery voltage. Not running 11.5-12Volts Idle 13-14Volts. You may have a bad regulator or stator.

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