I recently changed from a Fx to Fz. I bolted all my performance goodies over.The Fx had a [email protected] grate and stock ride plate with stock sponsons, it steered and hooked up a 1000 times better than the FZ with Riva stainless intake, [email protected] plate and riva sponsons. The Fz was definately faster on top but the Fx felt like it accellerated harder. At one stage all I liked about my Fz was the colour, it was fast on glass did not corner or hook up.(it jumped waves better and lands softer)

I got a worx plate and O boy what a difference, it carves around corners but the most amazing thing is how it changed the hook up. It stays hooked up even when it feels like the hull is in the air I would not believed it if I did not try it myself. I am thinking of maybe changing the sponsons as it feels like the sponsons are not able handle what the plate is doing. Anybody try the [email protected] intake grate and the Riva one back to back? Could be why my Fx felt like it was exellerating harder?