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    does it matter which spring is used in a carb?

    I have been working my way through two sets of carbs. gp1200r and an xlt. the gpr carb has some mods to it. the xlt will have no acc pump ect when i am done. I have been setting the pop off pressures. thanks to bill and this site i am getting
    good at it. My thinking is this. If the spring does not pop off at the right pressure when it is first installed then I either clip it or pinch it. It would seem that i am changing the spring rate of the spring. the rating of 95 grams then goes out the window. So here is the question. As long as the pop off is correct why should i care which spring I use? It seems that i am going to change the springs rating anyway.

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    yes all you are concerned about is getting the pop-off pressure correct

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    Wasnt sure just asking. Pop off then measures the pressure needed to overcome the spring and the needle. Wd 40 is the key to getting that set up to work. Really makes a mess.

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