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Thread: Seadoo help!!!!

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    Seadoo help!!!!

    Hey guys. I know nothing about seadoos as I have been around Yamaha's my entire life. I have a guy wanting to trade me a 2008 seadoo for my 2008 honda atv. I've tried doing some research on what he has,but I can't figure out exactly what it is.

    He states that it is a 2008 seadoo pwcgtx150. I'd like to know which motor is in it,and the top speed? I know that it is a 3 seater,and it has about 14 original hours on it. I'm not really a big fan of 3 seaters since I like to go fast on the water,and I will never have two passengers with me. He states that he has had it atleast 65 mph according to the speedometer. I told him that you can't trust the speedo,but now that he said that I am curious how fast it goes. If someone can tell me some details about what he has I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Check this page out. Recreation and Luxury Sport Boats and Watercraft | Sea-Doo It's a PDF with the basic information about the craft.

    As far as the speed goes as you stated, the speedo IS NOT ACCURATE. You must get a GPS to measure it properly. If the speedo says 65, that translates to 56-58ish since it is an NA motor. Several things to check prior to the purchase is the prop, wear ring and compression. It's a solid machine. It rides and handles like a dream. It's a great boat to cruise and is also a lot of fun for tricks and spinning and so forth. IMO cruising at 50ish is ok with me. Hope this helps.

    Another great thing is that it is a 4-stroke. Easy to maintain and work on. Just gas and go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by honestblades View Post
    I'm not really a big fan of 3 seaters since I like to go fast on the water,and I will never have two passengers with me.
    Then this is not the boat for you..Unless this is your first ski then this will be a perfect learning ski then you can trade it in for something faster...

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    I purchased a brand new 2006 gtx 155 horsepower in 2007. I rode it for 3 years and put almost 100hrs on it...its a great family ski, and a great ski for someone that just enjoys riding...its definitely not a powerhouse.but will run 55ish far as the engine goes it"s a n/a 155hp fourstroke that is super reliable....ive seen post of 1000 hours with regular maintenance...
    Depending on what the quad is worth I would say go for it.....if you decide you want a 215ecu rxp sell it or trade it for one....
    I traded my 06 gtx even for my 04 rxp at a dealership.....

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