National Guard / Black Star Motorsports
For Immediate Release - January 20th, 2011

The National Guard / Black Star Motorsports team is pleased to announce we have signed with Jettribe for the 2011 season. We are very excited to represent Jettribe this year. Not only does Jettribe offer some killer casual clothing and riding gear, it's one of the few apparel companies that fully supports our sport. We have a lot of respect for Tony and the rest of the Jettribe crew. In the PWC industry, when other apparel brands have moved on focusing on other water sports, Jettribe has stood strong. They still continue to innovate new products and gear. Jettribe, like their motto is a "Core Watercraft Gear" company. If nothing else you have to respect their dedication to the pwc industry riders and racers. That's why we are very proud to represent them this season. We are working very closely with Jettribe this year to develop some very cool products. Keep an eye out, its going to be a great season!