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    Speedster pulls to the right

    My Speedster is pulling to the right when cruising at any speed, but pulls harder at higher speeds. IT is a 07 Speedster 155 hp. If I move to the middle seat it still pulls but less, if I move to the far left seat, it steers straight ahead or if I have two other people sitting on the far left side it will steer ahead. In another words more weight on the left side stops it. If I am sitting in the drivers seat at full speed I am turning 7480 rpm and if I let go of the wheel and let it slowly turn to the right it will increase in rpm to 7520. So I know there is drag with the constant pull to the right when steered straight.
    My question is what should I look for that maybe out of alignment. I dont see anything noticable like a loose ride plat or intake grill.

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    Mine pulls that way also, I think it may be to the weight on one side because when I have a passenger it isnt as bad.

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    I have a sportster with the very same thing..I have only had my son in it with me. Although I also find that mine seems to lean more to the right. I think it is uneven weight..

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