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    How to do a flush to a 2004 msx 150.

    Hello everyone, my name is ricky and i just register on this great website.

    I just bougth a 2004 polaris msx 150 last week, everything seems to be ok, it was owned by an adult fan of hobbies, so i think he really take care of it.

    The ski is in execellent shape, everything works perfect, engine has not repairs on in, just a sensor that was replaced by a dealer.

    I'm a newbi on this with this kind of toys, so i really want to learn a lot about how to take care of my new toy.

    so going to the point, my question is how to a flush to my polaris, the manual tells how to do it, but it doesn't show pictures or thinks like that, i really want to learn how to do that because probably i will take the ski for a ride on the weekend, i also purchased the flusk kit.

    so can somebody help me please on how to do a flush after removing the ski from the water.

    thanks a lot to everyone

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Do you ride in salt water?

    Did the flush kit come with instructions?

    Once installed, you must always do the following sequence when using the reverse flush connection.

    - Put Reverse lever into Reverse position. This is important with the turbo Weber engines to prevent over-revving out of the water.

    - Start engine before turning water flow on
    - Turn water on

    Flush cooling system for a maximum of two minutes or less.

    - Turn water OFF first
    - Blip throttle to clear excess water from exhaust waterbox, then shut engine down.

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    Hi K447, thanks a lot for your info.

    i don't ride it in salt water, the flusk kit that i order is coming soon, i don't have yet, i hope it comes with instructions.

    what i really need to know about the flush process, is where do i have to connect the flush kit, i don't see like a hose connector to connect the kit, do you know where exactly the kit goes?

    thanks a lot

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    you will have to cut into one of the cooling hose kit will come with photo

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