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    Revving in Neutral problem - 96 seadoo challenger

    Hi Guys,

    I have a 96 Seadoo Challenger, the other day it began cavitating badly.
    After driving in water that I didn't realise was very low and covered in weed (maybe 1ft to the top of the weed and 2 ft to the bottom..

    I got all the weed out, but I knew something was wrong as it continued to cavitate, couldn't get above 10kph, above 4,500rpm it just spins.

    Out of the water I saw the wear ring chewed out, including massive chunks missing so I could see the pump wall.
    Only one small ship on the impeller.

    I've ordered a new wear ring, but my concern is the way it rev's in Neutral. In or out of water the engine rev's up and down at half throttle, almost like I'm moving the throttle from off to half continuously. Every half a second it rev's to where it should be.
    I've never noticed it before (although I've only had the boat a short time), it doesn't do it in forward gear or reverse.

    I'm concerned there is more damage, any thoughts? Or is this normal? Or related to the wear ring damage?


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    On the Sea-Doo boats, they have a rev limiter in the Neutral position. you will get about 3500 RPMs out of it, maybe 4000, but thats it, This is a safety feature.

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    Thanks heaps for that, panicing for nothing.

    Wear ring should fix the cavitating issue.

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    The Micro Switch which activates that "Rev. Limit in Neutral" position is inside the Throttle Stick assy.

    World of Powersports' 1996 Sea Doo Jet Boats Challenger (USA) Parts List

    Looks like [4] screws to remove it and pull straight up. The Switch is in the inner area of the underside of the Sticks--can't see
    it in the diagram...

    You might what to Ohm it out in the On/Off states to be sure you have continuity only when the switch lever is depressed.

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