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    Raced 15f, gp1300r, xlt 1200. 15f lost!!!!! NOOOOOOOO

    Hi guys!

    My 15f has Big air filter, r&d block off valves, 91 onctane gas, Iridium plugs, Intake Heat Barrier, It's a 2004 15f with only 70hrs. My 230lbs friend was driving it. A spark plug it's failing in this one, but only in lows rpms, from 2500rpm the failing spark plug works same like others (yes, i'm going to change it now)

    My 2003 Gp1300r D-plate, stepped sponsons, 91 octane gas. I was driving it (195lbs)

    Xlt 1200 2005, belongs to other guy (170lbs), he said it's bone stock, with regular 87 octane gas.

    From dead stop we raced 3 machines at same time, 15f had better hole shot but 2 seconds later we (three) were nose to nose, then about at 40-50mph the gp1300r and xlt1200 left 15f behind us about 2-3 jetskis, and it was really difficult for gp1300r to win the race, only 1 jetski lenght if not less than that.

    So I supose is: THE XLT IS NOT BONE STOCK!!!.

    what do you think guys????

    Water was little choppy about 1-2 feet.

    What can I do for more speed in my 15f? also in my gp1300r?
    Thanks in advance!!!!

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    Well the XLT IF STOCK will only do 58-59 mph on GPS ... but if it is choppy enough, it has the best rough water hull of the 3. The 15F should be more like 63+ mph at least, the GPR should run 65+ mph at least ... but it depends on exact mods, impeller pitch, conditions, etc. In calm water, the XLT should not be able to keep up on top end ... if he is keeping up in calm water, he has mods he is not admitting to.

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    That's what I think, the gp1300r had some problems to hook up due to water conditions at the most was choppy about 2-3feet no more than that. But it was really scary how easily xlt left 15f behind, and it was really hard for gpr to beat xlt at the end for less than 1 jetski lenght.

    I also think he didn't admite any mods on his xlt. I'm going to race him again this weekend, hopefully water conditions 'll be smooth so I can do a better critic.


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    Does Free flow exhaust kit offer Hp gain to my 15f? or only sounds loud? The same question for the gp1300r, I'm doing a research before a buy them both, but if there is no gain, only sounds different I think better save the money for something else.


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    look up the diy one for the 04 in the how to section. it removes weight and makes the ski sound amazing.


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    marvin, if interested i have a brand new free flow exhaust kit in the box i never installed on my 08 15f. sold the ski this summer and the new owner wasnt interested. pm if interested ill let it go cheap.

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    Ill take the free flow if not wanted $120??

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    I thought I posted this yesterday?

    I seen photos of a 70 mph 1300GPR go ¾ of a straight-line race the other day after just installing one of these to catch a stock 15F with this >>>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dougs View Post
    I thought I posted this yesterday?

    I seen photos of a 70 mph 1300GPR go ¾ of a straight-line race the other day after just installing one of these to catch a stock 15F with this >>>

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