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    Seinfeld prefers the old SL's

    Here's something different that you guys would not have seen.

    Jerry has been doing some ads for a small bank I never heard of here in Australia. Just caught this on tv the other day, I'm not sure why they would use an SL (looks like an SLT) for an ad in 2011 Looks like they set him up with umi bars as well

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    Actually they look like stock bars without the pad. He could have at least done a spinout or something entertaining LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by urugol View Post
    ....(looks like an SLT) .....

    That's a '96 or '97 SLT 700. Maybe they did the commercial on the cheap and wanted to avoid going through legal wrangling with other company's newer skis?


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    Speaking of older skis' in commercials...last summer the Myrtle Beach tourism bureau aired a commercial that had a quick shot of someone wake jumping on a '96 SLT

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