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    New Benelli S4 Black/White forsale

    If any one is looking for at a new benelli s4 i have some available in both the black and the white for more information please Email me:
    [email protected] alternatively you can visit our website

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    saw your ad in jetsports magazine.

    If only daddy could buy me one ahahhaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by JordieS View Post
    saw your ad in jetsports magazine.

    If only daddy could buy me one ahahhaha
    tell him to email me i might be able t work a deal for him ............

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    well i hope im persuasive enough

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    Some talk of these new models having more compression and better mapping on the ecu. Talk of a solid 60-61mph right out of the crate verses the 55-57 of HSR past models....anyone else hear about this? Confirm it?

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    Yeah mate,

    I had two of the old silver ones and these new skis are waayyyy faster.

    Mapping is more aggressive and more compression.

    Very simiar to mine that had motec on it!!

    A must have for stock class racing!!

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    I just looked at the stand up line......Holy Shit ! They are wicked looking and the specs are sick. I would love to give one a quick lap around Havasu...LOL bet it would be a quick one ! I never would have thought i would see 1000+ c.c. motors with that kind of horsepower in a stand up hull. Especially when my first ski was a Kaw JS550 in 1987. Crap, the first ski i saw and rode was a single cyl 300....what a dog. hahaha.

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