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    Newbie...question about pricing

    New to the site. I'm in the market for my first jetski. I grew up riding a friend's Polaris, a '94 650 and 750 before moving up to a '97 900sl and 1200 (3-seater). I found a 2001 Polaris Pro 1200 with trailer for $2500.

    I have not seen the ski in person, only through a couple of pics. It looks pretty clean. The seller says it is in good cosmetic condition and he has never had any problems with it mechanically. He's installed a finger throttle and trim tabs. He says he puts new plugs and synthetic 2-stroke oil in it every has less than 50 hours. I'm no gear head so any work will most likely be done by a professional.

    My question to you guys, do you believe $2500 is a good/reasonable price for the ski and trailer? For those that have ridden or own one, what's your overall opinion of the ski? Do you know of any issues that I may need to be made aware of concerning this particular model? Any other suggestions or advice is welcomed. Thanks in advance!

    Haha...just saw the newbie sticky!

    Where u from? NC
    what kind of ski? Polaris Pro 1200
    what year? 2001
    what kind of engine? 1165cc
    how many hours on the meter? less than 50
    how long did it sit? seller said he rode it last season, sitting in storage building
    any new/modified parts on it
    recent tune-ups or rebuild? seller changes plugs every year and puts in new synthetic 2-stroke oil each season
    general history of the ski if you know? seller says he's had no problems, runs great (67mph)
    price? $2500
    comes with trailer? yes
    live on water? doubtful...think owner lives 15-20 mins from lake
    did the ski run on saltwater or normal lake water? lake
    compression numbers? not sure
    does it run? according to seller...said he'd refund if ski doesn't work
    Pictures,videos? I'll try to get some posted
    mechanical knowledge? none
    tools? none

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    Welcome to the Hulk first off!. You found the right place// 2500 seems a little high.. ask 2000 and see if he bites..1600 for ski and 400 for trailer would be fair.

    Always check the entire ski over. Definetly do a compression check. we will show you how.. Take pics and post some of the engine and hull.. Check that the impellor is in good shape and the blades on the stator are clean and not knicked up. Look for cracks in the hull.

    It's good its from a lake instead of the ocean. salt tears them up fast.

    If you like fast acceleration and doing 60-plus, this is the ski for you!. Hold on.

    A finger throttle and trim tabs are nice goodies already on the ski. thats a bonus..

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    Thanks for the reply bowsniper. Not sure when I can get down to check out the seller's ski but I'll post some pics once I do. You'll definitely have to walk me through a complete jetski check from compression to cracks in the hull...what and where to look. I thought the price was a bit high, although I got 2 different results when look up the retail value via KBB and NADA. KBB had the value at $2720 and NADA was just over $1600.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tshel View Post
    Thanks for the reply bowsniper. Not sure when I can get down to check out the seller's ski but I'll post some pics once I do. You'll definitely have to walk me through a complete jetski check from compression to cracks in the hull...what and where to look. I thought the price was a bit high, although I got 2 different results when look up the retail value via KBB and NADA. KBB had the value at $2720 and NADA was just over $1600.

    Prices can and do vary wildly.. Keyzbum down in florida bought a pro785 for 250.00! I bought a running 2000 slx1200 for 500. so. I'm just saying,,,,,,, anything is possible in price but generally speaking, thats an expensive ski to begin with. and if and i mean if,, the gauge hoiurs are correct and not reset, thats very low for a 2001 ski. thats once out on the water for 5 hours each year. that aint

    But yet, it could oif been sunk many times, or in an accident, or anything else,, like kept in a cold damp area where the engine bearings fail from rust.. Not trying to scare ya, just saying anything is possible could of sat for 5 years straight.

    Use your best intuition and good judegement of the seller. look at his other toys around the house, new car? house? nice? that kinda stuff..that will indicate how he interacts with his stuff..

    A compression test is above all first.. there some clearences on the blades of the impellor that need to be real close to the wear ring that goes around the impellor. it should real close but not touching.. hardly any light should shine thru with a light.. it will be hard to check but at least look in there with a flashlight.. pump and impellors can range in cost from 25.00 to 150.00 for each so..

    Is the seat in good condition? what about the handlebar pad? does the gauge work? Thats called a MFD multi-function gauige.. those can be fixed but new ones are pricey too. could be 25.00 to 300.00 for one in great shape, just depends whose has what for sale.

    look for oil by the head bolts leaking and or any oil in the bilge area.. is it mint inside the ski like its new? it should be.. then theres the trim to check that moves the nozzle up n down too. the motor could stick from sitting. it should fire right up no problems when you go check.. theres other mantinence items to attend too also after you get it.. the fuel lines, the gas tank and possibly the carbs could use a cleaning.. proper maintenance before you ride it is the way to go.. other than waiting for things to blow up..

    theres also piston wash you could look at thru the spark plug holes to see if its running lean or not. all black piston tops are lean, real shiny ones are way rich. you needs some clean spots on the pistons to indicate a good running engine.. you could get a small flashlight and a spark plug wrench and check that too.. a boroscope would be even better to use.. if you have one.. keep us updated on your progress, other will chime in and have some more ideas for ya..

    A great group of people willing to help you anytime.. Just ask.. and maybe someday you can return the favor to a newbie!

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    Buy a compression gauge. you'll need it anyway if you get into the sport.. if you have 135 psi,your fine. they should be within 5% of each other.. 10% will still run, 20% off means you have a problem. if your getting 100, 100, 90. you need rings, if it goess 120, 120, 0 then you have a hole in a piston or the rings grenaded. lol 120 psi across the board is acceptable for riding.. Keep us updated!

    I think Lugs sold that already.

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    Welcome to GH. Where in NC are you located?

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    $2500 is a very fair price for that ski if it is in good shape and comes with the trailer. Does seem to be a bit high for this time of year though. I'd see if you can get the seller down a bit.

    The PRO 1200 is a very good ski. However, it was meant for bouy racing, so it will be a very agile. Not a playful hull for doing donuts, tail slides, etc....

    The 1200 engine is quite reliable and powerful with lots of potential for modifications.

    If there's any chance of you test riding it, please do. That will be the only way you can identify any potential problems, except for low compression. (a compression test can show you that)

    Skis running well on the trailer doesn't mean squat. There's no load on the engine, so it will appear to run flawlessly until you get out on the water.

    Keep us posted and we'll try and help you out when we can.

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    You will find lots of useful info through my signature links, but you can start by clicking on this, and especially this.

    The primary caveat with Polaris PWC (and other brand older PWC in general) is that you really need to expect to do your own maintenance and repairs. Dealers tend to shy away from the older models, and Polaris dealers who are competent with PWC are becoming rare.

    Polaris stopped making PWC after 2004, and your 2001 model is going on ten years old. Even with low engine hours, there are things that will need attention, even if just to confirm everything is OK.
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    Hey guys, I appreciate all the input. I'm hoping to go and check the ski out this upcoming weekend so I can take some pics to post and get everyones' opinion on the condition. It's doubtful that I'll be able to ride due to weather this time of year. The seller did state in his ad that he'd be willing to keep the ski in his storage unit, with his other toys, until spring if I needed a climate controlled storage and would be willing to refund my money if the ski doesn't run when I take it out for the first time this spring. I live in the mountains (Tony I'm in Asheville but go to Lake Norman) so keeping it at my place probably isn't the best bet with the cold temps. Now it's doubtful I'll take him up on that storage offer because knowing my luck, he'd forget to pay the storage fee and my new ski would be sent to auction! Once I get an appointment to go see the ski, I'll let you know so that someone can walk me through a compression test. If anyone has the book, Polaris for Dummies, I probably need to read it!.

    Bowsniper, according to the seller it has a custom seat cover (also has original) and all the multi-function gauges on the display work.

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