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    When towing a jet ski, does the cooling line need to be plugged?

    It seems water just going thru the nozzel would not be a problem but I seem to have heard it can flood the engine with water just like hooking up the hose with out the engine running.

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    Water can build up in your exhaust and go back into the engine, at low speeds and distances you should be ok I would not get towed without shutting off my water inlet personally so I installed a shut off valve on the hose just in case. You can also use a crimping tool to crimp the water inlet line.

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    Inside the exit nozzle is a small screen which allows water to get into the engine while cruising thru a water pipe into the intake hose inside the engine compartment. I also put a shut off vlave on my ski for that same reason.. i keep a tie wrap around the on/off handle to keep it from moving or being bumped accidentally.

    A strainer after that is also good insurance against debris getting into the engine coolant passages and screens.

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    It's very unlikely that water will back up through the exhaust, but possible. The impeller blade would have to stop in just the right place to deflect water out the cooling water port.

    We did a survey at the Yamaha Jet Boater site to see if anyone had ever experienced this. The Yamaha boats have 2 engines and if one quits, you can drive it home on the second one. Only one person experienced this problem. The Yamaha boats also have a kill switch that is often out of adjustment from the factory, causing engines to just shut off while cruising. It has happened to perhaps half of their boats and I've never heard of anyone having trouble with water getting into the engines because of it.

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    I towed a few Kawi 1100STX & 15F in the past w/o doing anything to the cooling lines, but I have never had any water backflowing problem. I think this thing may happen on other brand pwc but not on Kawi.

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