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    newbie here, yamaha gp800 guestion.

    I've got an 01 gp800 with a completely unsalvageable engine assembly, what options do I have? The cost of a new engine, carbs, stator, etc... far exceed what the ski is worth. Is swapping in a 1200 an easy endeavor as I've seen those engines more often, if so, what all do I need to change? Thanks for any help.

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    You Cant swap to a 1200 different everything including motor mount locations in the hull. I have full electrical minus display with flywheel cover and stator. You could get yourself a SBT engine which is a short block and rebuild the carbs and be done. I can sell you all electrical with cover for a couple of hundred. Your engine can be totaled and SBT will accept it including major wholes in the block as a core. Find yourself a good set of carbs or rebuild and your set.. Carbs I sold already.

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    They will take a core if its even corroded and falling apart? I thought it had to be rebuildable. I will keep you in mind for those pieces, I currently have my 95 seadoo xp for trade on craigslist for a complete gp800 engine, so maybe that will pan out, it not I'll have to sell it and buy an engine.

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    SBT pretty much takes anything as long as all parts are there. I have reeds for it too if those are shot.

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    I have a nice set of carbs for an 800

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    How much for the carbs? do they have the base plate on?

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    If anyone hears of someone selling a good Gp800 engine, let me know please, Thanks

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