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    Fish Finder Warning

    This warning relates specifically to the Humminbird 365i fish finder but may apply to other models and manufacturers.

    I mounted the 365i on a Yamaha GP1200R. It ran perfectly for 3 trips, all in calm conditions and keeping speeds under 40knots as I'd only just rebuilt the motor. As I plugged it in to go out on the 4th trip I noticed the LCD was missing lines of pixels.

    As I'd bought this unit from the US, I would have to send it there at substantial cost and delay to get it warranty repaired. I decided to peak under the hood.

    The LCD and back light were held in place mostly by friction. The mount itself is close to an exact fit for the back light, however the lcd itself is a different shape. The mount presses the two against a foam backing to prevent sliding. The vertical vibration of crossing swell had caused the lcd to slide and damage its own data ribbon on a corner of the glass back light.

    The design is severely flawed.

    Rather than run the risk of getting this one repaired and it happening again. I bought a cheaper piranhamax unit and will carry it horizontally in the front hatch any time I am going faster than 20 knots.

    For GPS functionality I'm now using a smartphone with a water resistant bluetooth headset. Full qwerty keyboard makes entering waypoints so much easier

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    I have a 385 ci that I'm setting up when I get my ski. Used it on the kayak last year, #@*$% thing better hold up.

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    I have 2 of the 385ci's on both mine and my wifes. There mounted on the....well windshield for lack of a better term and vertically and there has been zero issues.

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