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    What carbs are on my 95 SLX 780?

    I'm already up $200 on this thing and I thought for sure she was gonna explode last season... But its still ticking and I guess I should rebuild the carbs, b.c im sure it hasnt been done in ages. Does anyone know what kit I need to rebuild them and is there a specific kit for the fuel pump as well?

    Thanks guys

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    1995 SLX780
    Carburetor Type Mikuni Super BN
    Size 38 mm w/34 mm venturi
    Main Jet #105
    Pilot Jet #72.5
    High Speed Screw 7/8M 3/4C 1 1/8P
    Low Speed Screw 1/2 turn
    Idle Speed (in water) 1250 50 RPM
    Needle & Seat 10-18 PSI (See test procedure this
    Pop Off Pressure section

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    Its got Mikuni's? Sweet, I thought they had Keihins

    Thanks Man!

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    Contact John Zigler. He has a carb rebuild kit just for the Polaris Fuji engines like you have. All the parts you need, and none of the extra stuff you don't. It's at a good price too. He's including the needles and seats, which the rebuild kits do not. And also uses genuine Mikuni parts. The only parts we would recommend.

    He should be able to order you a fuel pump rebuild kit as well.

    If not, then contact Jay at Sharp's Marine for the parts you need too.

    Both are great shops to deal with. Don't try and save a couple $$ on this part. Pay the few extra dollars and get the genuine Mikuni stuff. Trust ME!!!!!!

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    thanks kevin.

    i do have fuel pump rebuild kits in stock as well, ( genuine mikuni)

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