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    08 FX SHO Questions?????

    2008 FX SHO with 15 hrs and a trailer $8,800 at my local dealer... What do you think good deal or what?

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    At first glance I would say that is not a terrible price. I would still make a lower offer and if they don't like it ask them to counter to close the deal with you.

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    not bad, we just bought one for 8k with 6hrs on it, no trailer though..

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    Thanks guys, The dealership owner is a family friend so I don't know if that price is for everyone or if he will discount it further for me..we will see. Thank you for the feedback, I'll take all the feedback and info I can get.

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by 305coco View Post
    not bad, we just bought one for 8k with 6hrs on it, no trailer though..
    Was it the one on CL in sarasota? There was one posted there, but the guy sounded pretty redneck and got upset when I told him his asking price of $9500 was just too high.

    Shop around for a deal. You have time. It is still winter. Anything you buy will just sit for a few more months. I have spoken to a few sellers (even some that are posted on this board in the FS section.) who are just not realistic on thier price. They refuse to accept that supercharged jet skis depreciate. And for that they have been trying to sell them for over a year. Do a search. They have had the same selling price for a year.

    It can be frustrating to deal with those kind of sellers. Keep looking and you will find someone willing to actually sell thier ski for a reasonable price. I sold my last ski in a month because I priced it fairly.

    $8,800 isnt too bad for a dealer, but you could find them for less. I just picked up an 08 for 7k. 50 hours, 4 years left on the warranty, cover, and 2 vests. I had to go get a new trailer from the dealer for $599. Hours were a little higher than I wanted, but the 4 year waranty was more important to me.

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    Thanks for the info guys.. I decide to pass on it, to beat up looking for the year and hours, plus the motor was out of it.. They said because of the fuel line recall, but I doubt that. I'ts a shame because it had a 09 loadrite trailer and a cover, the ski was bought in the summer of 09 as a leftover.

    So the search continues...Let me know if anyone has one for sale in Southrn New Jersey.. Thanks.

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