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    I recently had a prop that over time the edge of the blade had bad cavation burns on the sealing edge along with some sand damage from ridding at the coast in shallow rivers. I desided to replace it. which I did. Now what to do with the old prop? I desided to ship it to Dave at Impros to see if he could repair if . Well I got it back today and it looks better than new. Checked it in my wear ring and it even fits tighter(less prop/wear ring clerance) than the new one. Repair cost was a little less than 1/2 the price of a new prop. So befor you can that old prop due to damage or just because it's burnt bad consider a repair. Dave at Impros does the best work I have seen by far. Tommy Jordan

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    do u know if he does overseas props? or if any one n australia does them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by moo_r32 View Post
    do u know if he does overseas props? or if any one n australia does them?
    impros does aussie work, just ship it to them with the request form filled out and wait two weeks for turn around.

    its worth the wait.

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