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    Leaking intercooler?

    Pulled my 2006 RXP engine to inspect and clean ceramic frag. I'm going to look at everything so I pulled intercooler. Saw green and at first thought was copper corrosion. Then I noticed it is oily and color is strikingly similar to antifreeze. Take a look. Do you think I have a leak. Can a radiator shop check/repair this? What is the interface of hoses to the engine behind the intercooler? Thanks!!!!Click image for larger version. 

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    the color may be normal if used in salt water you could pressure test under water and look for bubbles use low psi tube walls are thin and blow out under high psi , when you install back in note the rubber spacer which goes towards the throttlebody end of intake manifold it can slip off and you may not know it had this happen to me it ended up in the throat of intake valve blocking the air off took awhile to dig out

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    Definitely copper corrosion, not antifreeze; antifreeze does not flow thru or get anywhere near the IC. That said, I would guess your IC is leaking a bit. The oily residue is completely separate, is likely from the stock crankcase ventilation system, which plumbs back into your SC air intake, and pulls oily residue thru the SC and into the intake, coating your IC with oily fumes.

    In order to resolve this, I would do some upgrades ... put the JFizzle IC kit in there, and a good air intake as well ... it will resolve all your issues and add significant performance and speed. If you do, you will also need a bigger impeller as well, but it is worth it. Having a radiator shop repair the stock IC is not worth it ... you can usually find stock ICs in good condition for around $100 max, often less.

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    Thanks, guys. Yes the ski was used in salt water. I guess I don't yet understand the cooling system, where the antfreeze circulates and what is raw water. Understand your recommendations. A low pressure air integrity check seems like a logical no cost step.

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    Cooling system ... the ENGINE is closed loop, cooled by antifreeze, has a thermostat, and the ride plate is the heat exchanger (like radiator). Lake water is used to cool the IC and the exhaust though ... a 'bleed' off the jet pump comes thru the rear bulkhead, goes into the 3/4" striped hose to the IC, then exits the IC and goes to the bottom of the front of the exhaust manifold, from there it goes thru the two small hoses that connect the manifold to the chrome J pipe, cools the J pipe and dumps into the waterbox, which spits water and exhaust out the back. Two separate cooling systems for separate functions ...

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    Thanks!!!! You guys are awesome.

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