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    Just curious about something.....

    I've been looking over performance mods for SC version skis (just incase I go that route ) and have a question.

    I've owned quite a few beefed up toys. Such as SC Mustang Cobra,Turbo Dodges, a few built up bikes/quads...etc.

    Why is it that I can buy a SCT tuner which adjusts timing, fuel curves, etc for around $450 but I see nothing for Skis like this except for a 3k ECU and a super high dollar reflash?

    Why no power commanders with auto tune? Or just timing modules in general? When I change my intake and exhaust on a quad for example, I install a power commander for the fuel curves. When tuning my mustang I had a hand held tuner to make timing adjustments and fuel curve adjustments.

    Just curious why this seems non-existent in the PWC world?? or am I missing something here?

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    There are less skis sold and being modified than Mustangs being sold and modified. Less parts, higher prices. Higher expenses less interest in researching and developing parts.

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    There is the RD ECU reflash in the GH store for the yamaha supercharged 4strokes that is $690. Pretty reasonable considering the performance gains IMO.
    The 3k systems are great for those who need that kind of tuneabiltiy.

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    A couple of different possibilities, the SCT Pro Tuner is more than $450 and even at that, it is for one vin #. I use one on my viper. Secondly, a Motec for a car is not going to be far different than an aftermarket ecu for a ski. I thought the same initially, but, it is not as bad as it seems. In addition, a reflash should work far better on a ski, because the mods are typically limited and well documented, plus the ski ecu is load density controlled., which is positive for a reflash.

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    SCT would make a fortune if they started tuning skis as well.

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