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    Hey guys!

    Some of you might know that i work for one of the largest mortgage lenders on the east coast.. We have always offered the best products (rates/versus costs) in the market today..

    Some people have been holding out for refinancing thinking rates will continue lower.. This is not the case moving into 2011.

    The Eqypt situation hasnt affect the markets the way most expected it would.. Currently 30 yr (FHA and Conventional) rates around 4.75-5.25% with NO POINTS OR ORIGINATION FEES..

    I will offer any advice free this weekend for anyone in need of opinions, Free GFE examinations, HUD reviews, or quotes.

    I have the power to credit up to $495 off your closing costs on specific types of loans. I will make a promise to beat any quote in the market today at reduced commission pricing. If i can help anyone out with their FHA loans or Conventional loans please do not hesitate to call me at 908 415 9521 Zak

    I wish everyone a wealthy 2011!

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    Thanks for the chat.

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