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Thread: SLX Turbo

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    SLX Turbo

    Is there such a thing as a turbo for a '96 SLX 780? Would it benefit or hinder the SLX?

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    It's been tried, even a supercharger... the problem is that the 2 stroke, only has exactly that. Suck and Blow baby! So you are ramming fuel/boost into something that is basically a straight through path...

    I wonder how a pro would take to a MSX motor, one of the weber 4-strokes...

    If you are making to make your 96 a screamer... I think I'd hold onto it till it warms up and sell her, then find a 97+ PRO, be it a 785 or 1200. The 785's from 97+ had the tripple pipes and some other nice goodies... I think it'd save money by doing it that way rather than throwing serious cash at your 785.

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    Appreciate the info. I had looked for one for it with no luck. Ahh well, back to the ol' drawing board.

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    2 strokes gain huge power with turbos...but they are very complex to tune and have somewhat peaky power curves, that are difficult to harness in a PWC....they are much better suited to a CVT clutch setup, like a snowmobile has.

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