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    2005 GTX Bump Strip/Availability


    I had an incident today that involved the bump strip getting damaged, mainly the centre 'slip in' strip, but a bit of the actual bump strip as well. I can't seem to find the part number for the bump strip in the OE Part Finder store. Is it possible to buy this piece?

    Thanks for your help.

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    There are [4] different Model '05 GTX's and then Color choices within those Models--- You need to be more specific to get the correct p/n...

    Here's the Bump Strip (inner Strip) for the '05 GTX Limited S/C I/C---- Your model's / color p/n will probably be different....

    Item #34 (Slip-in-Strip) 291002074

    Item #32 (Actual riveted in Bump Strip)

    TIP: When replacing the Slip-in-Strip,, warm it in the oven (just warm) before inserting/sliding it into the grooves, then lube the groove of the Base Strip w/ a little Silicon Lube (not WD-40) Makes it a whole lot easier to move in the Groove--especially towards the end when there is friction from the entire 9+ ft. length! ----


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    Thanks vey much for the link David, my model is the standard NA, but I was able to find what I was looking for with your link.

    Thanks again

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    Then that would be the Blue Pearl Strip inside the Black riveted bumper base I believe.
    (Nice color)
    You would have to drill out the Rivet Heads and re-pop-Rivet the Black corner piece to install that strip-
    Get the Aluminum Rivets and Pop-Rivet Tool from H_Depot
    EZ job...

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    Yeah i like the colour, thanks mate.

    Excellent news, got the pop-rivet tool so will just need the rivets...and the bumper of course.

    Thanks for your help David.

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