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    Thumbs up Sho cruiser seat installed...

    Just got my cruiser seat What do you guys think... I use my ski mostly to cruise so im putting up the regular seat for sale. I haven't seen any black SHO cruisers so heck, thought id be different

    BTW: To I made this thread to answer some questions that I had, the seat is a perfect fit with the regular grab handle and the OEM cover fits just right so there were no issues in case anyone else was looking to do this.

    Regular seat...

    Cleats.... I'm assuming they are not worth the hassle? How strong are they on the cruisers?

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    Looks really good!

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    The cleats are awesome. I have them on my FX HO Cruiser and it makes docking very easy and convenient.

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    Looks good, I did the same to my 06HO only I used the regular non cruiser Rear seat. You just can't beat the cruiser seat for ocean riding, Julio...

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