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    Dash interchangeable on GP & XLT1200's?

    Will an XLT1200 dash work on a GP1200R? Part number is one digit off (FOD... vs. FOX...). What's the difference?


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    The XLT Display has a few more bells and whistles then the GP1200R does. Trip odometer couple other things. Connections are the same, no issues with interchanging them.

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    I have just done this but it doesn't seem to be working, the ski will run and the low fuel level beeper still goes off. But if I push the button it just flashes start once, I'm thinking it's not getting a signal that the engine is actually running or a clear signal as one or more of my high-tension leads insulation has broken down and is arcing. New leads are on the way and hopefully this fixes the issue but are there any other thoughts?

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    Check the connections, they all work, but they dont plug in by the colours. I did the same mod wanting the anti-theft features of the XLT1200 meter on the GP1200R. I loved it until I realized all a thief had to do was undo the blue clip and ride away with my ski!

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