ok i acquired a 17 foot Yamaha jetbuddy (docktype) boat about 6 months ago, i have since been looking for a 90 - 96 waverunner III or marine jet III to put in it.
For some reason they are ridiculously overpriced for what they are!
anyhow I ended up finding one that was mechanically ok but the kid had tried to repaint it? or he tossed a bucket of paint over it, I'm really not clear as yet?
but cosmetics aside it is a good runner came with a brand spanking starter too.
it has a good 150psi per pot and no nasty noises. it is claimed to have a 701cc barrel and pistons in it. im not in the mood to test that theory.

so i hooked it up and took it out today. runs ok for pushing round such a big load, but cavitates at 3/4 throttle and makes some nasty vibrations.
it prob done around 18 mph top speed on glass water before cavitation kicked in lower if there was some shop or wake.

so i got it home and had a look underneath, i has a skat-track 74V prop. as im not worried about top speed what pitch would anyone recommend so i can get up to speed better without feathering the throttle and to make it more usable.

thanks Dave

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