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    Problem with RXT-X 260 buttons

    hi guys

    I have a RXT-X 260 with 18 hours on the clock. Since day 1 it has had an intermittent problem with the mode, set, VTS and up/down buttons. Intermittently they will not work. Sometimes some will work and others wont, but at the moment I cannot get any of them to work which is a big problem as I cannot get the ski out of Touring mode.

    It has also had the OTAS fault code intermittently as well (due to the loose magnet which is common on this ski)

    I have just had the ski serviced and the fault codes cleared, but it is still causing issues.

    Does anyone know a fix for this issue? Any help appreciated

    PS. It does not seem that there is a mechanical problem with the operation of the actual buttons, more like the computer ignores the input from the button...if that makes sense

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    problem with seeing fault code OTAS

    it comes from the grey power outlet located under the steering column. You must be fixed on the hull or on the air intakes located just next with plastic clips.

    For the problems fault code IBR and motor, dealers have an updated ECU / counter which removes all small electronic bp

    This update also resolves the VTS pb

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    thanks so much for your reply.

    can anyone else provide some assistance?

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