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    05 FXHO Cover wanted

    Hey all...
    So im looking for a ski cover for my 05 FXHO. Every time I look at vendors and such, they have cover for the 06's and some early 00's, BUT none for the 2005. Ive even sent emails to JetTribe and Covermate to see if I was mis-reading something....
    Trying to not spend $190 on an OEM style cover (unless someone on here tells me theyre worth it) I really want a cover for this season!
    Some things I want in the cover:
    -Straps that go underneath for trailering
    -Would really like a vent of some kind to reduce mildew
    -A flap for the gas tank would be nice

    Anybody have this ski and if so, what cover do you have, where did you get it and how much?
    Thanks for the info everyone

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    I think my buddy still has his cover from his 05, I will ask him and get back to you.

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