I fought this damn thing for a few hours with no luck.
Let me lay the ground work.
100 hours on ski. Occasioanly, just like my buddies 650, when the battery gets weak, you get a click when you hit the start button for a few tries and then it hits and fires up, everynow and then. Figured low battery so I fully charged it and then I decided to start the ski every three days. Starts fine. Well, today I went out and after turning over for 10-12 seconds, forgot to turn on the fuel switch, it started up, @ my office. Got to the river and click click click. Would not start. Got back to my office and put on a charger, thought I may have weakened an already weak battery. After jacking around with replacing the back mat, for 2 hours, tried to start it up, and click click click. Tried jumping with a truck, same thing. Tried 2 different batteries from my other skis and nothing Checked all wires from the battery, electrical box, to ground and to the starter and they were all clean and tight. I pulled the switch apart and everything looked ok. I can hit the button repeatedly and same thing but 2 out of 100 times, it would hit and the motor would turn over. Let off, try again, click!!! Now, I admit, I know absolutley nothing about electrical. Give me a trailer and I can wire it, that's it. I have a book on the ski, thanks ELE, but it, and my CPU, was @ home, 6 miles from my office/shop. My office has every type of electrical analysing eguipment you can ask for, if you had the book in your hands and you knew how to use a meter.
Anyway, I think you get my frustration. After going home and reading my book, I "think" the next logical step is to check the solenoid with a meter. Hopefully, our company electical tech, will not have much to do tomorrow.
I feel like I heading in the right direction with this, but I would love for anyone to offer any advice. I do not think it is the starter since I have only heard of 1 or 2 people ever having one go bad. Maybe I'm wrong, just a feeling. I thought about trying the old school method and jumping the solenoid with a screwdriver. Any reprocussions of doing that?