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    Wanting to mod my single trailer

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone has having put a box or a rack for fuel cans on the front of a single trailer? I kind of want a box or something on the front so I can put my vests, water shoes, straps etc in. I know I have seen people with double trailers do this. But I think the doubles have more room to add things too. Anything else I can do to my trailer?

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    See post # 27 on this thread:

    Also, go back up To Trailer Mod/Projects and towards the middle of the page is a thread regarding boxes and fuel racks. Although you won't see any fuel racks on single trailers, there ares sill lots of options to view...

    You will def want to see what the towing/weight capacity of your trailer/axle/tires are. You don't want to exceed the ratings for safety purposes. I'm guessing you may have to lengthen the the amount of tongue on the trailer - this should allow you to bolt on a platform for a small box &/or fuel rack.

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