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    Putting Riva Racing intake on Speedster; do I need a screen or filter?

    Looking at all the setups ppl are using, I thought this kit (since I have one laying around) would allow excellent airflow and mount the intake way up high so there is little risk of water ingestion. Stock there is no filter, so am I fine just adding the 4" intake off the rear with no filter? The kit is made for an RXP and uses a flow-rite filter under the seat but there is no way to adapt it on the intake pipe. I could just get some metal screen from Home Depot and form it over the top just to catch large objects; would that help or even be necessary?


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    I figured out a solution. Outerwears will build you a pre-filter to your specs. I had them custom make me a prefilter that will fit over the pro series intake pipe. I will then secure it with rubber bands or some sort of clamp. That will help repel water, keep out large objects, as well as do a pretty good job of filtering. I'll take photos when it's all done!


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