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Thread: Pump bearings

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    Pump bearings

    I pulled my pump out and found that it had water inside, the grease was white and u could see the water. still had standard cone fitted and the o rings looked ok. anyone had this before? So i removed the retaining clip and put a socket on the bearing and went to tap it out but its that tight i think it need to be pressed.? Can someone tell me if the bolt that holds the prop just slides out, seemed very firm

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    You can tap it out it's tight but it can be done.,but then you will have to place a new bearing.
    I would recommend a rebuild,i did this myself without a press.
    For installing the new bearing place the pump in the oven for a bout 10 minutes,place the bearing in the freezer.
    The bearing will just slide in this way.
    Put the bolt also in the freezer,after installing the bearing wait a few minutes,this will allow the bearing to heat up a bit because the housing is still hot from the oven.
    Then gently tap the bolt in.
    And finish the rebuilt by installing the other parts.

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    Thanks for the info Rich. So does the pump only have one bearing, it looks from the outside that it has 2.

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    No only one bearing,but you can easily take it apart.
    I already did twice the way i described,and they perform fine,and no leaks.

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