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    Best setup for heavier rider?

    I'm 260-270 lbs and am new to my GP1200R... I was just wondering what the best setup would be for a heavier rider like me

    I got a skegged R&D plate with the Island 2 mod (gonna get Jim's FF cut when I save up) and I got some Riva extended tabs and the 1200 grate. I was gonna try all that out in the summer and then adjust from there

    Any tips or hints on how to set up a fast river ski for a guy like me? (shim the plate/tabs, stay with stock tabs, etc)


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    If your goal is top speed then keep the stock tabs. Put as much angle on the plate as possible. With your weight it shouldn't bounce. This is just a start...

    The extended tabs will scrub a lot of speed. Most cut them to the same length as stockers...but they are still thicker than stock.

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    Check out my sig and click on my build link.I topped out at 76 MPH on GPS with 1/3 tank gas and I am 210Lbs.. The mods I did were not difficult and can be found used most of the time. Good luck.

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