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    Sea-doo anti- rattle

    I have the 97 GSX cone, tht was supposed to be after the update for the pump rattle, but this thing still rattles to beat all hell. I took the cone off and looked at the spring and the pusher and all seems fine. I greased the shaft input on the pto as well. ideas on this?

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    They all rattle out of the water. just always make sure you have fluid or grease in the cone. not sure what you are running in your cone. also make sure the o ring is good. you dont want water getting into your bearings!

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    Yeah the seal was good, and the oil was really nice (and smelly) just running seadoo gear oil that is for the cone in the there. I wet the carbon seal when running it on the trailer, and that helps but I guess thats just the way it is.

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    How many hours on the pump? Is there any end play in the pump shaft? The thrust washer in the pump could be worn creating an unusually louder rattle.

    You can ditch the seadoo pump oil and start using good old synthetic gear lube. It's like $7 a quart, and does the same thing.

    Pauly C.

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