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    2002 STX-R Electrical Problem

    Ski almost sank last year because of issue with the pump shoe. The ski was run back to the pier by a friend and the engine compartment was full of water. Pump was fixed but at the end of last year ski would not run without battery charger connected to the battery. I thought it was a bad battery but this was not the case. Is there an alternator on the ski and if so what am i looking at for repair costs?
    Thanks, Joe

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    Mr Sands, same thing happened to me on this very boat (and my Ultra 150 for that matter - - same engine as STX-R). There is a "Stator Plate" inside the front engine cover near where the oil injection system is. If that part goes bad the boat will not "charge" itself and can have the symptoms you are decribing. Part is not too bad if I remember. Couple of hundred bucks. There's a guy on here name Jonny who knows the boat really well; he may chime in. Or go to and Post this question in the GroupK / Harry Klemm section; he knows this boat really well too. JB

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    check the regulator rectifier also

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