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    Are RFI & Carb Pistons interchangeable?

    I am rebuilding an 800 Rfi engine, it needs a top end. I just happen to have a set of WSM platinum carb pistons. There is a different part number for the fuel injected pistons. Pro-x and SBT say that their pistons will work in either engine. Why does WSM have two different pistons? Are they the same piston with just different part numbers? Because they look pretty much identical. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I am not sure about WSM pistons, but, Rotax (Malhe) RFI and carb. pistons are different. RFI Rotax pistons have a slightly thicker crown and more taper than Rotax carb. pistons. Yes, you can use either piston (carb or rfi), but, I prefer the RFI because they tolerate high temps. better than the carb. pistons. Rotax RFI pistons also have an anodized coating that the carb. pistons do not.
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    I think RFI pistons have a hole on the injector side the same size as the injector. Not sure if carb motors have that same hole.

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