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    03 & 04 Pumps...replace or just fine??

    So I pulled the pumps from my 03 and 04 and to my shigrin, they're both the compo...plastic pumps. Turns out they were made only 6 days apart. Anyways, I'm attempting to ready up my wakeskate ski for the summer and noticed some disturbing things about the vanes on these craptasic pumps. Some are broken on their leading edges from rocks and whatnot. Are these pumps still ok to use?? Can I just file down any jagged edges and let it ride? I don't want to drop tons of cash on an aluminum pump if these will last me another summer.

    The grease coming out of the bearing is the pump off the 03. It has about 120 or so hours on it. The 04 has about 50, if that. Both pumps have the same part number stamped on it. Kinda sucks....

    Onto the pics....(as follows)
    03 Pump/Wear Ring
    03 Vanes
    04 Pump/Wear Ring
    04 Vanes
    Impellers (04 left 03 right)
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    I had to replace mine with a metal pump housing. I was getting bad cavitation.

    If your not having any issues like cavitation, I would just use it until you do have a problem.

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    I have a 03 GTXsc plastic pump housing with about 10 hours on it, sucked up a rock and bent the impeller.
    Let me know if you have any use for it.

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    I changed mine in the 07 GTI. I sucked up a rock and cracked the housing. I think you get better compression as there isn't as much give with the aluminum housings as the plastics.

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    Yes you can use it still but it will be down on performace

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    look for some aluminum pumps, any 04-07 gtx rxp rxt pump will do. they can be found not that expensive, you just need to reuse your impeller and your wear ring, or get a new wear ring for the 185.
    while you have it out, now is the time!!!!!!
    you dont need the impeller or the reduction nozzle or the sterring nozzle, etc, all you need is the pump!!!
    also a good time to get a wedge. post up in the classifieds!!

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